We’re a vertically integrated design, development and construction firm specializing in modular housing.

Adam Berger Development

We provide creative, efficient solutions to meaningfully address housing affordability and supply needs across Colorado.

Our approach brings together design, engineering, capitalization, development and construction capabilities in a more streamlined, efficient and cost-effective process.

our values


Colorado’s future depends on the quality and quantity of housing supply for people of all income levels.


You do not need to sacrifice good design to deliver cost-effective housing quickly.


We are innovators. From how we design and produce our housing product to how it’s built on-site, we do things differently.


We’ve cultivated relationships with partners and stakeholders over decades and continually strive to strengthen our network.


By leveraging an integrated modular design, development and construction process, we streamline delivery, mitigate risk and achieve cost savings relative to traditional construction methods.

our clients

We represent for-profit and nonprofit partners, including:


third Party



urban & rural Municipalities

State & Local Governments

What Makes Us Different

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Our systems-based approach reduces construction costs and allows for faster delivery and a more consistent product.

life cycle

Constructing housing units in a factory setting allows for greater variable control, resulting in a consistent product.

Scalability / A
 model for others

We design innovative housing solutions to be replicable and scalable for other communities facing housing supply challenges.


Our turnkey model allows us to manage all aspects of the process, from design to permitting, construction, financing and development.

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Each of our modular housing designs has been meticulously crafted with thoughtful floorplans, quality finishes and modern aesthetics.

All of our projects demonstrate our commitment to the environment, whether through achieving LEED Certifications, incorporating all-electric designs or minimizing waste through replicable design.


Our team of experts has the knowledge to navigate the State and Local permitting processes specific to modular construction, to meet site-specific requirements and streamline approvals.


We serve as a trusted development partner to private, public and nonprofit sector partners, bringing unmatched experience and modular housing knowledge to any project and scale.


To complement our faster, cost-controlled build process, we leverage financing solutions in partnership with innovative lenders that understand modular construction to ensure smooth funding flows.


Our volumetric modular model translates into reduced costs, faster and more efficient construction and reduced construction risk on the job site.