We’ve built a culture that thrives on determination and collaboration in the way we design and build housing. 

Meet Our Team

With decades of expertise, we are highly skilled in design, permitting, financing, development,  construction and property management. We’ve built a culture that thrives on determination and collaboration, evident in the way we design and build housing.


Adam Berger

Founder Adam Berger has over twenty-five years of experience in real estate development, spanning markets including Toronto, Boston and Denver. With a strong desire to bridge his passion for technology with his background in real estate, Adam started the firm in 2012 to develop creative and efficient solutions to the housing crisis. After spending several years designing and perfecting the modular model, he is proud to see the firm’s portfolio expand across the Denver landscape. 

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Design Director

Christopher Herr

Christopher Herr manages the design, engineering and permitting of all commercial projects at Adam Berger Development. He is the Architect of Record for West Holden Place, Adam Berger Development’s flagship modular multifamily project in Denver. Christopher has over 30 years of experience in the fields of architecture and construction. With his multi-perspective approach – having worked on both the design and development sides – Christopher brings a real-world understanding of construction challenges to bear on his designs and has a remarkable ability to communicate with construction trades. He has expertise in projects ranging from single-family homes and site-built and modular multifamily developments to institutional laboratory projects. Christopher has been recognized with over 30 design awards, including being named AIA National Young Architect of the Year. 

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Construction Director

Josh Thall

Josh manages the construction of Adam Berger’s commercial residential projects and is responsible for ensuring the construction of every project is implemented successfully from start to finish, and is completed on time, on budget, and with the highest quality and conformance. With 17 years of experience in construction and a Class B General Contractor license, Josh brings a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience to our business. Josh has successfully managed ground-up commercial and multifamily projects from the initial planning and proposal stage through design, engineering, and construction, including closeout and turnover of more than 2,000 multifamily residential units, including, garden style, mid-rise and high-rise market-rate, affordable and for-sale projects. Josh has a Bachelor of Science in Conservation Biology from the University of California, Davis and a Construction Management Certification from Colorado State University. 

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Micah Vetger

Micah Vegter is an accountant, one of the fun ones – they exist. As the Controller at Adam Berger Development, Micah is responsible for every aspect of the firm’s bookkeeping, from day-to-day transactions to producing monthly financial statements and providing tools to help evaluate and grow the business. Micah has a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting & Finance from the University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Wisconsin School of Business.

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