For-Sale Modular Affordable Housing Project Brings a Dozen New Units to Aurora, Colorado

Press Release

DENVER (March 1, 2023) – Adam Berger Development (ABD), a vertically integrated design, development and construction firm specializing in modular housing, announced the recent set of its latest modular affordable housing project, Emporia Street Duplexes. Located at 2394 North Emporia St., the project will provide 12 new modular duplex units of attached, for-sale housing for middle-income families and individuals in Northwest Aurora.  

The project, blocks from the Stanley Marketplace, will serve residents with incomes between 70 and 80% of Area Median Income (AMI). The project is the latest affordable housing collaboration in the Denver metro area between ABD and BonnaVilla, one of the premier residential modular manufacturers in the region, along with Elevation Community Land Trust, the State’s largest affordable housing land trust. ABD worked with the Colorado Housing and Finance Authority (CHFA) to establish CHFA’s affordable for-sale construction loan program which financed the construction of the project.

The need for affordable housing is a critical issue in Colorado. For Aurora, in particular, the 2020 Aurora Housing Strategy identified a deficit of 7,500 affordable housing units, which it has been working to close with development partners.  

“The need for quality housing across all income levels is only growing. We are proud that, through Emporia Street Duplexes and our other modular projects, we have created a model that allows us to efficiently and cost-effectively deliver the housing that Colorado communities need,” said Adam Berger, Founder of Adam Berger Development. “As the construction industry faces headwinds – higher interest rates, shortage of skilled labor and rising material costs – and many projects experience barriers to project completion, innovation is more important than ever.”

Emporia Street Duplexes’ volumetric modular housing units were built in BonnaVilla’s factory-controlled environment in Aurora, Nebraska – allowing for greater quality control and efficiency – and transported to the site for set and finish. As the demand for affordable housing continues to grow, modular housing is expected to play an increasingly important role. Modular homes can be built up to 40% faster than traditional homes.1

In 2017, ABD and BonnaVilla began delivering a product that was designed, engineered and constructed to meet the needs of the affordable, attainable housing market with modular duplex and townhome projects that ABD has sold throughout the Denver metro area including Englewood, Denver and Aurora through affordable housing programs and market-rate sales.  

This most recent set of modular boxes is a major milestone in the construction of the Emporia Street Duplexes project. With the set complete, interior finish work and site work are well underway. Construction is expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2024.  

“We are excited to reach this important milestone in the construction of Emporia Street Duplexes,” said David Ogunsanya, Vice President of Real Estate for Elevation Community Land Trust. “This project puts us one step closer to providing much-needed affordable homeownership that is accessible to families in the Aurora community.”  

About Adam Berger Development

Adam Berger Development is a Colorado-based vertically integrated modular design, development and construction firm innovating how attainable and affordable housing is delivered. With decades of experience in design, engineering, financing, development and construction, the team at Adam Berger Development has executed real estate development in Toronto, Boston and Denver. Through an intentional and replicable model, Adam Berger Development delivers affordable and attainable housing faster and more cost-effectively, through its suite of commercial modular housing products: townhomes, duplexes and multifamily housing. To learn more, go to

About BonnaVilla

BonnaVilla is one of the region’s premier modular manufacturing companies established in Aurora, Nebraska by Chief Industries in 1970.  BonnaVilla delivers residential and residential attached homes throughout the central and Rocky Mountain western states.

BonnaVilla is a part of Chief Industries, a private, family-owned, service-oriented manufacturer since it was started in 1954 in Grand Island, Nebraska.  From humble beginnings to a diverse, global corporation featuring 7 brands. Chief Industries is proud to help communities thrive and engineer relationships.